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Danny Hearnah

Digital Development Lead

Gary Grant

Managing Director

Flying in the face of convention, the best day of my life wasn’t to do with kids or wife, it was when I got to be a judge at the World Cheese Awards. What a day. *wipes small tear from eye*

Jael Moore

Account Manager

I could probably quote all 9 series of Peep Show word for word if someone asked me to.

Ben McCarthy

Senior Copywriter

Lover of words and custard creams, not necessarily in that order. Got booed by 35,000 Leeds fans when I was a Chelsea mascot aged 11, for cheekily saying my favourite footballer was their ex-player. Tough gig.

Joanne Bryan-Harris

Senior Strategic Planner

I was once presented a book token by Michael Rosen for being best dressed clown!

Ionut Pantazi

React Developer

I'm a lover of science & technology who likes to live life every day and having great interest to solve problems of day to day life. Currently living in Oxford, but with a strong desire to travel the world and explore new places.

Alastair Phipps

Digital Developer

Carrot cake is my favourite cake. I realised early on if your birthday cake was an unpopular choice you got to eat more of it!

Simon Derungs

Head of Client Services

My Swiss father and both my grandfathers were chefs. I'm an adman!

Louise Woodward

PR Account Director

I love to keep fit and explore our coastline but also partial to champs.

Chloe Matthew

Finance Assistant

Once got smiled at by Robert Downey Jr. He’s surprisingly smaller in real life.

Mike Carter

Media Account Director

I once had breakfast with Anna Kournikova after she’d been knocked out of the French Open.

Cameron Bix

Digital Developer

Emma Rawlinson

PR Account Director

Lover of all things interiors, when I'm not working you'll find me on my paddle board or in the Lakes sipping champs.

Simon Bennett

Chief Operations Officer

I fell off a roof when I was at school and landed on my crown-jewels. (I have three kids)

Daniel Asante

React Developer

I love football, which I play and watch it as often as possible; less so these days my time is split between my learning, work, football and my wife, not necessarily in that order, of course.

Rebecca Brockwell

Digital/Social Strategist

One of my marketing jobs at News International was selecting The Sun Page 3 pictures for the end of year calendar.

Chris Graham

Head of International Property

Loves horsepower: four legs or four wheels, it’s all the same.

Clare Haylett

PR Account Director

Not sure which I’m most proud of - winning the Reading Cup at primary school or the Highest Placed East Anglian Driver trophy in the Willhire 24hrs at Snetterton - Norfolk’s answer to Le Mans.

Thara Packiahrajah

Marketing Account Executive

South Londoner (forever and always). History geek. Lover of food.

Olly Springate

Digital Performance Manager

Although these days I’m more likely to be found on a bike, I grew up on horses and I am qualified to teach horse riding

Reilly Lovett


I know all the words to Fester Skank - Lethal Bizzle, have a serious obsession with The Office (US) and was nearly called Guinness. Thank god my parents went for a name that could only be mildly teased. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Silvia Scifo


Life confuses me and taking naps is my favourite hobby

Jamie Hawtrey-Coombs

Account Executive

Iced coffee, cold brewskis, good food and a passion for Italy

Michael Carr

Chief Executive Officer

I’m a Londoner through and through. I’ve lived in 10 houses, all within 3 miles of where I was born.

Charis Wheatley

PR & Social Account Manager

Has managed to keep a houseplant alive for over six months. Impressive, right?!

Connie Smith

Senior Account Manager

I’m grade 6 in tap dancing (will provide photographic evidence if required).

James Morse

Senior Designer

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy."

Alexandria Wood

PR & Social Account Manager

I wanted to be either a tornado chaser or a mobsters wife (black + white movie lover) when I grew up, luckily for my parents (and me) neither of those quite panned out.

Imogen Nokes

Account Executive

I enjoy painting colourful shapes, my best stroke is butterfly and I am a lover of nature, TV dramas and spicy food - I tend to ruin a perfectly flavoured meal with Sriracha!

Alice Howie

Media Executive

I knew the words and dance routines to every Kylie song by the age of 4. I’m not ashamed.

Nick Mann


Musical theatre is my thing.

Kate Parry

Account Executive

Guitar playing, weight lifting, travel-loving, Mamma Mia obsessed Welsh girl.

Tim McGill

Head of Paid Media

I had the same sandwich for lunch for over a decade, it was delicious!

Patrick Turner

Devonian (the county opposed to the geological period) cutting his teeth in the big smoke. I can frequently be found in galleries or taking photos. I once had to get stitches in my foot after escaping a shark.

Vicky Ryce

Head of PR

I’m double jointed. Not saying where.

Natalie Rodway

Head of Finance

I was once scouted to play professional women’s cricket.

Alexa Kerr

Senior Creative

Contrary to popular belief, I can’t tell you the weather

Matt Smith

Digital Operations Manager

I've tried learning Spanish 5 times. Tried.

Ali Nasri

UX Designer

Two years ago, I adopted a pet parrot and tried to teach him to talk. I’ve since become fluent in bird language, but he still can’t talk.

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We’ve built an incredible community

International Property Marketing

With a successful career spanning 35 years, including roles as Group Marketing Director at Hamptons International and Director of Marketing Consulting at Baker Tilly, Chris set up Graham Associates in 2008 as a boutique marketing consultancy specialising in international luxury residential real estate and resorts. In 2009, the company joined YOU Agency group.

Since then, we’ve worked on numerous branding, marketing and lead generation campaigns around the world, including some iconic residential and resort developments, also picking up several prestigious industry awards including:

• Best Development Marketing x 7 (International Property Awards)
• Gold Award for Best Marketing (Overseas Property Professional Awards for Excellence)
• Best Marketing (International Building Press Awards)
• Best Integrated Campaign (International Building Press Awards)
• Best Marketing (National Housing Awards)
• Best Property Website (International Property Awards)
• Best Estate Agency Marketing (International Property Awards)
• Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Excellence Awards (Finalists x 2, Digital Media and Hotels & Leisure)

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, frequent commentator and international speaker on residential real estate, Chris is author of “Branded Residences: An Overview”, now in its 3rd edition, which remains the leading independent study of the subject.

Graham Associates clients, to name a few

One Tribe. Many Vibes

We’re proud to be a founder member of Tribe Global, an international network of successful, independent agencies with one unique thing in common; we’re all very different.

With 41 partners across 54 cities, 27 countries and a total of 2,250 amazing Tribe people speaking over 31 languages, we have an impressive global footprint.

We work with our Tribe partners to form powerful international teams, tapping into each other’s strengths, local insight and resources from around the globe.