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GBK Brisket

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After the success of ‘Vote Rump’, we helped GBK create another special burger with an advertising campaign that was so successful, they ran out of meat in the first week.

our approach.

The Challenge - The Rump Burger (our previous campaign) was their best-selling burger ever, selling 3 times as many as any other special on the menu.. Beat that. Using the same £150k budget to cover creative, production and media.

The Strategy - Build, yet again, on our ever-giving strategy of ‘an unwavering belief in our burgers’, by creating a special that taps into the country’s consciousness, gives GBK a point of view on the world and gets people talking! Not forgetting selling loads of burgers.

The Execution - Play on the topic that’s divided the nation since the referendum: Brexit. But create our own, more appetising version: Brisket Means Brisket. A burger good enough to unite us all.


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RMG The Moon

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