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The Brief – Gosh! is a chilled vegan food brand. All natural and all plant-based, which felt appropriate to this brief!

Their ambition was three-fold

Help people transition to a plant-based diet

Make their plant-based food more readily available outside of the ‘world foods’ and ‘kosher’ shelves

Become a brand that has a PoV, one that is a leading voice in the world of responsible eating

our approach.

The Insight - During the strategic planning phase we discovered quite a surprising truth -

Vegans appeared to be the last ‘minority’ group that it’s OK to make fun of. And oddly, they expect it

So, our mission became clear to us – the big unlock was all about normalisation. Let’s start with getting people to adopt a flexitarian diet

Before the comms even started we suggested to the client that they take the large ‘vegan’ statement from the from of the packs and simply have a reference to ‘vegan friendly’. Which they did

The Work - Creatively we wanted to change people’s perspectives

So, we thought we’d hold up a mirror to those decrying the value of a flexitarian diet, whilst sympathising with those whose decision may be subject to derision

We knew that if we did it in an exaggerated, amusing way – almost ridiculing our own category - perhaps the preachy nature of our world could be dispelled

The endline of ‘It’s all perfectly natural’ helped people to both normalise plant-based food, and communicate our core product differentiator

These posters ran on 48, 6 and digital 6 sheet sites in main commuter hubs and on TFL. Further content was also produced for social and digital channels

How we changed perceptions - There are (at least) 500,000 more people eating plant-based food as a result of our combined communications, product packaging advice and strategy.

But, that’s exactly as it should be and All Perfectly Natural

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