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1st December 2020

Cancel Culture

A View from Daisy White on the Forbes article on #cancelculture: shorturl.at/gmT19

“It’s crucial, now more than ever, that #brands start taking responsibility. Culturally, ethically or socially – brands should be striving for inclusivity in today’s society. In my opinion, this welcomes the arrival of cancel culture – withdrawing support for a person or company, often on #socialmedia, based on their views or actions. Brands are now coming under scrutiny for tone-deaf marketing; luckily that’s where we come in. It’s about time we welcomed a little awakening. Time to put a stop to ignorant societal evolution and come together as one. No excuses.

64%+ of consumers claim to boycott a brand based solely on its position on social / political issues; brands must welcome and lead the change. Recent cultural movements (eg #MeToo and #BLM) have been led more so by today’s youth and their social media savvy, rather than by the powerhouse brands themselves, who are soon to follow suit.

All #PR is not good PR. ‘Publish now and apologise later?’ Read the room – it’s getting bigger, and your outdated ideas are getting smaller.

So…revolutionise your #marketing strategies, embrace everything (within reason), and broaden horizons. The future is now – get involved or expect to be #cancelled.”


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