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In March 2014, Rolls-Royce had no social media presence. Their social media infancy was having a detrimental effect on their reputation as a world-leading innovator and their dated approach to all things digital was placing them behind their competitors in the minds of their customers and stakeholders. We needed a robust social media strategy that would be the engine of change for this global innovator.

Rolls-Royce have the best people and make the most innovative, ground-breaking products. But to the outside world they were perceived to be an old-fashioned manufacturer from Derby. We needed to harness their pioneering spirit, usually only seen behind closed doors, and harness social media to unleash Rolls-Royce innovation into the world.


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The social campaign had a huge impact, and catapulted Rolls-Royce from a mute voice unrepresented in the online realm, to a confident and very human organisation that shouted proudly from the digital rooftops.

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