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Soft & Gentle has been creating women’s personal care products for more than 40 years. A long list of innovations began in 1976 with the first non-sting anti-perspirant, and most recently, new 48hr protection and 0% aluminium.

Awareness is not a problem for this much-loved brand, and yet it has been facing declining distribution and sales. Our research quickly revealed that the brand lacks modernity – it’s seen as old fashioned, a brand for your Nan – and less effective. Clearly ‘Soft & Gentle’ doesn’t scream of being a hard-working product and even its name says ‘sensitivity’ twice.

On limited budgets, the campaign was able to deliver significant engagement levels and clicks & landing page views across selected retail portals. Notably, we have built and maintained a fanbase of 85,000 on Facebook, providing an effective platform to sustain ‘front-of-mind brand awareness, even during an extended period of lockdown that had radically hit the entire deodorant market.

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